Project management

Whether you are building a tree house for your kids, organize an event or are about to install a brand new ERP system, any ‘project’ requires a targeted approach and a roadmap planning each step to reach that final goal.

The key lies in ensuring that every building block is in place at the right time, making every team member aware of what exactly they should do and why, having them collaborate and keep eyes on the target and timing meticulously so every step flawlessly leads to the next.

Do you have the feeling your projects usually end up in chaos? Or realize that you forgot to order half of the necessities halfway through? Are deadlines giving you the heebie-jeebies?

In that case, let’s go to work to structure your work a bit better, allowing you to keep track of what’s coming next and to handle each project phase efficiently, developing your projects in budget on time and on target without too many surprises.

We will run through a number of steps in the project process:

  • Working project based – different approaches
  • Project stages
  • Project initiation: scope, context & defining targets
  • Project definition:
  1. roles, responsibilities and accountability
  2. project plan & milestones
  3. setting up the team
  4. control & escalation process
  • project development:
  1. budget, time, people, quality & results
  2. problem solving
  3. some useful tools
  • project closing: delivery & reporting, evaluation & archiving


There’s an Open Training coming up on June 10 – more info & registration here.

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